congratulatory greetings

CONGRATULATIONS FR JOY BARJA! 1 of 9 Outstanding Parish Priests Awardees by My Pope Philippines magazine.

Rev. Fr. Diogenes “Joy” Barja lives by this belief: ‘You learn more when you immerse yourself in the community.’ And that’s exactly what he does, and encourages others to do, in the St. John the Baptist Parish in Legazpi.

Fr. Joy believes that by engaging with the community, you would get a different perspective which can teach you valuable lessons and help you find wisdom. And just like Pope Francis, he believes in the value of charity and giving back, especially to those who are living in poorer communities. One lesson he says he learned from his years of priesthood is that just because you are a parish priest doesn’t mean you know everything in your parish— it helps to talk to the people.

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